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The Santa Rosa Junior College Catalog is the official document of the college and determines your catalog rights. Graduation requirements for an associate degree are determined according to the Catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment. In order to maintain catalog rights, a student must be in continuous enrollment. Refer to catalog rights in the College Catalog for more information.

Course information including content, transferability, description, prerequisite, and corequisite information may be found at course outlines.

The College Catalog is published annually. The current Catalog is available for purchase at the SRJC Bookstore.

This Catalog is published for informational purposes, and every effort is made to ensure its accuracy. However, the provisions of the Catalog are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and the College. The College reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time, taking precautions that such changes do not cause a hardship on students enrolled. Students should consult the current Schedule of Classes for supplementary information.


SRJC COLLEGE CATALOG 2015-2016        


2014-15 image Collage Catalog cover      

President's Message and Academic Calendar 1-2
SECTION 1About SRJC 3-12
SECTION 2Admissions, Registration, and Matriculation 13-19
SECTION 3Rights, Responsibilities, Polices, and Regulations 21-40
SECTION 4College Community 41-54
SECTION 5Scholarships 55-60
SECTION 6Degree Programs 61-123
SECTION 6Certificate Programs 124-174
SECTION 7Announcement of Courses 175-292
SECTION 8Staff Directory 293-304
Index 305-308
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