Middle School Students & Minors Application

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Please read the following before starting your application:

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Santa Rosa Junior College’s Concurrent Enrollment program is designed for students in the 9th-12th grades. Students currently enrolled in grades 8 and under are ineligible for SRJC’s High School Concurrent Enrollment Program. However, if you want to appeal this policy due to an exceptional need, the following are provided as guidelines: In order to be considered for enrollment, the following steps must be completed:

STEP 1: Complete a Middle School Enrollment Student Information Sheet AND a Petition to Waive College Regulations (both available online).

STEP 2: Acquire a letter of recommendation to support your enrollment at SRJC. This letter should be written by your school principal and/or counselor and should verify that an exceptional need for a specific course exists and that the student possesses exceptional intelligence/talent, motivation and maturity commensurate with college level standards.

STEP 3: You must support your request by providing verification of your ability to be successful in the class you wish to enroll in; e.g. test scores, grade reports, etc.

STEP 4: Complete an SRJC Application for Admission (online). NOTE: If you are currently under the age of 13, come to the Admissions and Records Office to apply.

STEP 5: Fill out a High School Concurrent Enrollment Form (available online). This form must be signed by the student, parent and principal or counselor at the student’s school. It may be necessary at some point to acquire the SRJC Department Chair and/or the instructor’s signature. (A new High School Concurrent Enrollment Form and Application for Admissions must be submitted each semester of enrollment.)

STEP 6: After steps 1-5 are completed and submitted as a packet to Admissions and Records, the Director of Admissions and Enrollment will make a decision on a case-by-case basis. Students must meet the prerequisite requirements of the course before enrolling.  Students may need to complete an assessment test before the Director makes a final decision.


A student is eligible to attend SRJC if they are 18 years of age before the first day of the semester or have one of the following:

  • High school diploma
  • GED
  • High School Proficiency certificate
  • (If the student is under 18 years of age before the first day of the semester and has a GED or High School Proficiency certificate, a copy of their GED or Proficiency certificate and a Parent Consent form are required before they will be able to enroll. Please submit to Admissions and Records.)

If the student has none of the above and is not attending high school the student must follow these procedures:

STEP 1: Complete an SRJC Application online as a high school student

STEP 2: Student must provide a letter of release to Admissions and Records on official letterhead, (signed by the principal) from the school district of residence that specifically releases the student from compulsory attendance).

STEP 3: Complete and submit a Signed Parent Consent Form to Admissions and Records.

NOTE: The student may enroll in CSKLS 731 (GED Preparation) only. All forms required must be submitted to Admissions and Records.


Definition: You are considered an emancipated minor if you have gone to court and have legal documentation separating you from your parents or legal guardians.

STEP 1: Complete an SRJC Application for Admission (online).

STEP 2: If you have or are planning to apply to Santa Rosa Junior College and you are an emancipated minor as defined above, or, if you have applied to Santa Rosa Junior College and are not an emancipated minor as defined above but applied as being an emancipated minor, you must complete the Emancipated Minor Questionnaire  and submit to Admissions and Records with any required documentation. A hold will be placed on your record until you have successfully submitted this documentation.

Important Information FOR all Students when completing the online application:
  • Please make sure the information that you provide on your online application is accurate and error-free.
  • Keep a record of your application confirmation number in case you have problems logging into the SRJC Student Portal, MyCubby.
  • Returning Students: We will attempt to match your records on your Social Security Number and date of birth OR SRJC Student Identification Number and date of birth that you have on file. There may be a delay in the processing of your application if:
    1. You do not provide the correct SSN or SID
    2. You entered an incorrect birth date
  • Enter your e-mail address on the application. You must have an e-mail address to create your account. The OpenCCC application does not provide an e-mail service.

    Free e-mail accounts are available from many sources:

Note: While all of the providers listed above have millions of users and are widely trusted to be reliable and secure, SRJC, OpenCCC and the CCC Chancellor's Office do not endorse any particular e-mail providers, and will have no liability should any issues arise with a particular email provider. We are making every effort to communicate with students by sending correspondence through e-mail. We advise you to check your e-mail often, as the information we send may be time sensitive and important to your college career.
  • Checking your e-mail is imperative to receive information for your next steps for enrollment as well as any other messages that may be important to your status as a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.


  • After you have completed your application, we will send you an e-mail with your unique SRJC Student Identification Number (SID.) Please keep a record of your SID number as you would any other important identification number. Your SID number provides access to all of your interactions at SRJC.