High School Dual Enrollment (Special Admit) Expectations and Responsibilities

Special Admit Enrollment

  • Section 48800 of the California Education Code allows the governing board of any school district to determine which students would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work. The intent of this section of the California Education Code is to provide educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils, rather than reduce current course requirements of elementary and secondary schools.
  • High School students may NOT enroll in English 300 level courses regardless of assessment results.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College interprets “advanced scholastic” coursework as those courses designated as degree applicable (DA) in the SRJC Catalog https://catalog.santarosa.edu/.
  • Students who are 14 years of age or older or those who have completed the eighth grade or higher are eligible for dual enrollment as “special admit” students at SRJC.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College reserves the right to exclude or limit enrollment of special admit students into impacted programs and other programs or courses based on health, safety, instructional methodology, faculty constraints, or legal requirements.
  • Students enrolling in Kinesiology (PE) activity courses are subject to the 10% limit for each section.
  • All high school students must submit an online SRJC application every spring or summer/fall semester in order for this form to be processed. This form must be submitted with all required signatures. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  • High School Dual Enrollment students may enroll online during priority 6 registration. Please submit your application online AND your High School Dual Enrollment Request form prior to your enrollment date. Mail, upload or bring in person your signed dual enrollment form, and proof of prerequisite completion (high school transcript) and complete the Prerequisite Equivalency form if enrolling in a course that has a prerequisite.

Student Responsibilities

  • You may register for approved courses as recommended by your high school counselor and principal.
  • All coursework taken at SRJC becomes a permanent part of your college academic history. Grades received or excessive drops have implications for future status involving financial assistance, athletic eligibility, academic standing, etc.
  • File prerequisites and arrange for testing, if necessary.
  • You are responsible for reviewing and abiding by all academic and student policies in the Schedule of Classes and the College Catalog.
  • You are required to meet all academic deadlines.
  • High School Dual (Special Admit) students are exempt from enrollment fees if enrolled up to a maximum of 11 units. However dual enrolled students must pay the student representation fee, the student health fee, and any course fees. Please see the Schedule of Classes for more information.
  • High School students choosing to enroll in over 11 units are responsible for all fees for the total number of units enrolled in the semester or term.
  • SRJC is an adult academic learning environment and you are expected to behave accordingly.
  • By signing the front of this form, you agree that you are eligible to enroll as a High School Dual Enrollment (Special Admit) student and will abide by all SRJC policies and procedures. Additionally, you agree that you have reviewed these expectations with your parent or guardian.
  • Home schooled students must provide a copy of an Affidavit for Home Schooling, filed with the Department of Education, at the time of submitting this form.

Parent or Guardian Information

  • Special Admit students are treated like every other college student. All college coursework is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which allows release of academic information, including grades, to the student only – regardless of age. Academic information is not released to parents or third parties without written consent of the student. Upon consent by the student, information is only released to the authorized party in person or in writing.
  • SRJC Admissions and Records Office does not keep daily attendance records for students. Parents should not contact college offices or instructors with the expectation of accessing their student’s attendance or other information.
  • Review your student’s High School Dual (Special Admit) Enrollment Form with him or her. Please be aware that all coursework at SRJC becomes a permanent record on the student’s academic college history; grades received or excessive drops have implications for future student status at the college, including financial assistance, athletic eligibility, etc.
  • By entering a college environment, your son or daughter will be exposed to a diverse population in education programs designed for an adult learner that may involve sensitive topics that might be considered controversial or offensive in the secondary setting. SRJC will not change course content or curriculum to accommodate High School Dual Enrollment (Special Admit) students.


High School Dual Enrollment Form