How To Access Your CCC Apply Account Through Mypath

If you have applied to SRJC with CCC Apply in the past AND forgot your login information to CCC Apply, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to myPath using your SRJC Student ID number. and pin code. If you don't know your SRJC student ID and pin code, use the Help for Students link. 
  2. Once logged in, scroll down "Resources".
  3. Click on the card that is labeled "CCC Apply".
  4. After clicking, you will be passed to CCC Apply.
  5. Once in CCC Apply, make sure your email and contact information is current.

Remember: this process will only work if you have applied with SRJC in the past. If you are still unable to access your CCC Apply account, you will need to call the CCC Apply help desk at: 1-877-247-4836.