SRJC and SSU Cross Enrollment

Sonoma State

Santa Rosa Junior College

Policies and Procedures for Cross Enrollment Program

Santa Rosa Junior College has entered into a partnership with Sonoma State University that permits students from one college to take classes at the other college with minimal paperwork and reduced fees. While the Cross Enrollment Program has its advantages, it will not benefit all students. The drawback is that registration for courses is not permitted until after the semester has started and is subject to instructor approval.  Students from SSU who need an SRJC course for degree, general education or academic preparation purposes should consider regular enrollment. Although regular enrollment fees are then required, this is the only way that enrollment can be assured in the desired course.

Eligibility Requirements:

A student is eligible to cross enroll if the student has met all of the following requirements:

  • Is a California resident and cannot possess a bachelor’s degree
  • Complete at least one term at the home campus as a matriculated student
  • Enroll for a minimum of six units at the home campus for the current term
  • Earned a grade point average of 2.0 (grade of C) for completed work
  • Paid appropriate tuition and fees at home campus for the current term
Enrollment Conditions:

1. Eligible to take one class with the Cross Enrollment Program per semester (Fall & Spring Only). There is no continuing student status or carryover of forms from one semester to the next.

2. You will have to pay any additional fees required of the other students (lab, materials, breakage, computer, transcript, etc.)

3. Academic advisement is available only at the home campus.

4. Evidence of completion of course prerequisites may be required at time of enrollment (official transcript required).

5. Financial aid is available only through your home campus.

6. Health services on host campus are limited to treatment for emergencies.

7. Information concerning host campus identification card policies will be provided at registration.

8. Students are subject to all administrative procedures of the host campus.

Note: Students must process an official drop at the host campus or risk having an unsatisfactory grade record on permanent record.

Cross Enrollment Procedures for SRJC students:

Santa Rosa Junior College

SRJC (home campus) to SSU (host campus)

1.  Meet with a SRJC Counselor to determine appropriate SSU coursework in which to enroll.

2. Consult the SSU Schedule of Classes for SSU section information.

3. Contact the instructor of the desired SSU class that you wish to enroll in to obtain permission to attend as a SSU/SRJC Cross Enrollment student. If the instructor grants you permission to add the course, obtain an SSU Course Permission Number from the instructor.

4. Complete and submit the electronic Cross Enrollment (SRJC home campus; SSU host campus) form.

5. Read the information located at the following page: under the cross enrollment section.

6. You will not be charged the SSU per unit for the course, but will pay fees as listed on the SSU website listed above in item 5. The SSU Records office will notify you when you are successfully enrolled.

Cross Enrollment Procedures for SSU students:

Sonoma State

SSU (home campus) to SRJC (host campus)

1. Do not register yourself in the SRJC class that you wish to take. If you register yourself in the class, you forfeit the ability to use the Cross Enrollment Program.

2. Complete the SRJC online application for the appropriate semester at 

3. Consult the SRJC Schedule of Classes for SRJC section information.

4. Complete the Cross Enrollment (SSU home campus; SRJC host campus) form. Note: if the class is closed, you must obtain an SRJC add code from the instructor of the class before completing the form.

5. You are not required to pay the $46 per unit enrollment fee; however you must pay a $10 administrative fee, $2 Student Representation fee, $1 per unit Student Center fee, $1 per unit Student Transportation fee, plus any special course fees (materials, field trips, etc.)

6. The SRJC Admissions office will notify you when you are successfully enrolled.