Law Enforcement Agencies Requesting Student Records

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 21, the Santa Rosa Junior College District shall do the following when engaging or preparing to engage with a law enforcement agencies requesting student records protected by FERPA: 

  • The release or disclosure of directory or academic records as defined by FERPA to law enforcement will not be permitted unless conditions defined by the college president are met. 
  • The District will advise all students, faculty and staff, to immediately notify the college president if they are advised that a public or law enforcement entity is expected to enter, will enter, or has entered the campus to execute a federal immigration order. 
  • The District will advise all students, faculty and staff responding to or having contact with a representative of a public or law enforcement entity executing a federal immigration order, to promptly refer the entity or individual to the college president for purposes of verifying the legality of any warrant or subpoena. 
  • The District will designate a staff person, as necessary, to serve as a point of contact for any student who may or could be subject to an immigration order or inquiry on campus.  
  • The District will prohibit staff from discussing the immigration status of any student, faculty, or staff with anyone, or revealing that immigration status to anyone except the student in question. 
  • The District will provide guidance at the beginning of each academic quarter or semester via email to all faculty, staff, and students informing them of their rights under state and federal immigration laws, and how to respond to a federal immigration action or order. 
  • The District will encourage staff to assist, in a sensitive manner, students who may be subject to a federal immigration order or inquiry, or who may face similar issues, and whose education or employment is at risk because of federal ICE actions.