FERPA Guidelines for Students

Under Federal Law, students are advised annually of their FERPA rights via their Student Portal under District Announcements.

Students’ rights regarding their education records include the following:

  • The right to inspect and review any of their education records during regular business hours within a reasonable timeframe, usually no later than 15 working days after their initial request.
  • The right to seek to have their education records amended to correct inaccurate or misleading information or to address information that violates the student’s right of privacy. 
  • The right to know about the disclosure of their education records to any third party, except where restrictions exist.
  • The right to prohibit the release of directory information. Directory Information may generally be released without student consent unless the student or former student has notified the District that the information shall not be released. 
  • The right to limited use of social security numbers. District students have the right to expect that their social security numbers will be protected in accordance with state law and federal. 

Students also have the right to expect that:

  • Their full student identification (SID) numbers will not be used in publicly posting grades by faculty, staff or any other employee of the District. 

  • Their names will not be linked with their social security number or SID in any public manner. 

  • Their graded class work will be distributed in a confidential manner.  When graded class work must be co-mingled with that of other class members during distribution, the students’ grades will not be visible or accessible to other class members.  Grades on peer-graded papers before they are collected and recorded by an instructor are excluded from this requirement. 

  • A printed class roster which includes personally identifiable information will not be circulated or posted as an attendance roster. 

  • Their academic progress and/or educational record will not be discussed with anyone other than the student themselves, unless there is a legitimate educational interest from a District instructor or staff member, or unless disclosure is otherwise allowed under federal law. 

  • Santa Rosa Junior College will safeguard their educational records, especially records contained in electronic data systems. 

  • Santa Rosa Junior College will not provide directory information for the purposes of military recruiting in response to a Department of Defense request if the relevant student has “opted out” of the release of directory information. 

  • They will be advised annually of their rights under federal law and this policy, in both written and electronic format via the Admissions & Records office. 

  • They can opt out of the release of directory information should they choose to submit an appropriate form so indicating, in written or electronic format, to the Admissions & Records office. 

  • They will be allowed to release specific information from their education records to a third party once having completed a written and signed release submitted to the Admissions & Records office or District authorized agency. 

  • They will always be asked to provide photo identification when requesting information about their own student record while conducting business in any District department or service area. If they conduct business by telephone call to the District, they will be asked a series of pertinent questions to confirm their identity before any information is released.